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Wisconsin Country Living Taxidermy

Wisconsin Country Living offers deer shoulder mounting only. We understand traditional and new age looks. Wisconsin sports enthusiasts that have been working with W.C.L. for many years and keep coming back. We like to think we possess extraordinary skills that set us apart from others by continually learning new processes and improving quality. We love taking your ideas and turning them into reality. We get lit up by the process of creating something of enormous value – whether it be a product or top notch service – and delivering that art to a marketplace of people. We are not driven by money, power or status; We do what we do because we are deeply passionate. Thank you for visiting Wisconsin Country Living... ~Keri

Contact WCL

Please message WCL on questions pertaining to pricing, lead times and custom requests. WCL is not a "brick & mortar" business.  In order to provide personal service to our customers specimen drop offs and pick ups need to be scheduled. WCL limits incoming specimens each year in order to provide quality mounts and exceptional lead times!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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